Разница между глаголами Do и Make

Глаголы Do и Make привносят много хаоса и неразберихи в изучение английского языка. Давайте разберем разницу между ними и окончательно поймем, в каком случае использовать каждый из них.



Work, Jobs, Tasks:
do the housework, do a good job, do your homework

Food, drinks:
make a soup, make a lunch, make a cup of tea

Non-specific activities:
do something, do nothing, do everything

In passive form used to speak about Product material or Origin:

Made of wood, made in Italy, made by him, made from tomatoes

Replaces a verb when it is obvious:

Do the exam, do your nails, do the cleaning

Produce a reaction:
make smb happy, make smb smile, make smb’s eyes water


Plans and decisions:
make a plan, make an arrangement, make a decision, make a choice


Speaking and sounds:
make a noise, make a suggestion, make a speech


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