Present Perfect Continuous and Its Role in English

We have already considered the rules and features of the use of Present perfect in English. However, there are some cases when it is not possible to convey all the detaild of the situation. So, we need Present perfect continuous tense, which we are talking about today.

Present perfect continuous has the following form:

Have / has been + V-ing

I have been reading this book for a week.

We need this grammatical tense:

1. To emphasize the duration of the action, which began in the past and continues up to this moment. In this case, there are words and phrases that can help to show exactly this meaning: for, since, all morning / day / year, lately, recently etc.

You have been talking on the phone for 2 hours. (The man started talking on the phone 2 hours ago and still continues the conversation).

2. To show an action that began in the past and lasted for a while. The action itself may have already finished or still be in progress, but its result is visible in the present.

My eyes hurt. I have been reading all night. (The result of the action is obvious - eyes hurt)



With the verbs live, work, teach, feel (= have a particular emotion) we can use both Present perfect and Present perfect continuous without changing in meaning.

He has lived/has been living here for 15 years.

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