Irregular nouns in English. Are they so irregular?

Many, many, VERY many ... How often do we have to talk about many subjects while learning English? And why does plural form seem so difficult?

Today we will consider all cases of the formation of the plural in English.

Typically, most English nouns change their form by simply adding the letter -S or -ES at the end, for example:

As I was walking down the street, I saw three carS, four treeS and even sixteen foxES in five boxES.

However, not everything is so simple - that's what English is for! There are words that do not obey the general rule of plural formation - they are called irregular nouns. It is not necessary to memorize each of them, it is enough just to understand the pattern of their changes.


  • When a word ends in -f, -fe, to form a plural, change F to V and add -ES, for example:

kniFE - kniVES
 liFE - liVES
calF - calVES
leaF - leaVES

Of course, there are some exceptions here: roofs, proofs.


  • When the vowel -O appears at the end of a word, add -ES to form the plural (it's very convenient to remember when going to the store for vegetables):

potato potatoES (potatoes - potatoes)
tomato tomatoES (tomato - tomatoes)

Of course, not everything is so simple: pianoS, photoS, zeroS.


  • In some words, only one vowel changes when the plural is formed, for example:

man men (man - men)
woman women (feminine - women)
foot feet (foot - feet)
tooth teeth (tooth - teeth)

  • The words of this group completely change their form when the plural is formed. Fortunately, they are used very often, so everyone can remember them:

mouse - mice
child - children
person - people

  • Finally, consider the words, the plural of which you don't have to memorize! And all because both forms are absolutely identical, for example:


By the way, these words mainly mean the names of animals.

By memorizing the rules for the formation of the plural, you will increase your vocabulary exactly TWICE!

Author: Yana Kosur

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