La négation. Negations or how to say "no" in French.

Not all people can say "no" in time, which can lead to a lot of problems. In our opinion, it is better to say "no" in time than to say "yes" and not to keep the promised. Well, in this article we are going to learn how to say "no" in French, and to deny everything (just like in a court).


So, the negation formula is simple:


"Ne" becomes n' before the vowel:

Vous ne êtes pas fatigué? - Vous n'êtes pas fatigué?


Also, negations in French can be formed with the help of other particles:

1. Plus – no more

2. Jamais – never

3. Personne – nobody

4. Rien – nothing

5. Aucun(e) – nobody, nothing

6. Personne ne – nobody

7. Rien ne – nothing

Also, in French there are combined structures:

Je ne vois plus jamais ...

Il ne boit jamais rien.

And to strengthen the negation, the French use a particle ni - "no", and they use it at least 2 times or the adjective seul - none.

For example:

Ma petite-fi lle ne peut ni lire, ni écrire. Elle est encore toute petite. - My granddaughter can neither read nor write. She's still very young.

Que faire? Nous n'avons ni pain, ni pommes de terre. - What to do? We have neither bread nor potatoes.

Il n'a pas manqué une seule séance. - He did not miss a single meeting.

Tiens! Ce gamin n'a pas lu un seul livre dans sa vie! - Check this out! This mischief-maker has not read a single book in his life!

Elle n'a pas dit un seul mot pour me retenir. - She did not say a word to hold me.


Let's consider below the word order for negation if there are more than one particle:

plus jamais - never again

plus rien - nothing more

plus personne - no one else

plus nulle part - nowhere else

jamais nulle part - never anywhere

rien nulle part - nothing anywhere

jamais rien - never anything

jamais personne - never anyone

And a few examples:

Il ne s'est plus jamais adressé à moi. - He never spoke to me again.

Je ne te dirai plus rien! - I will not tell you anything more!

Notre stagiaire ne prie plus personne à l'aider. Il se débrouille déjà dans tout. - Our trainee does not ask anyone else to help him. He already understands everything.

Après l'accident il ne voyage plus nulle part. - After an accident, he does not go anywhere else (does not travel).

Je cherche du travail mais je ne trouve rien nulle part. - I'm looking for a job, but I do not find anything anywhere.

Tu n'as jamais rien gagné! - You've never won anything!

La femme dit qu'elle n'aimera jamais personne. - A woman says she will never fall in love with anyone.


 And finally, a few stable expressions - idioms:

Rien à faire! - That's that!

Pas de bruit! - Quiet! Keep quiet!

Jamais de la vie! - Never in my life!

Pas de problèmes. - No problems.

As-tu fi ni de corriger le contrat? - Pas encore! - Have you finished editing the contract? - Not yet!

Es-tu occupé? - Pas du tout. - Are you busy? - Not at all.


Well, that's the whole secret of the French "no." See you at the lessons!


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