Verb To Be

The verb to be in English is very important. There are many situations where we may need it. We will consider each of them separately, but, generally speaking, the verb to be is usually used in sentences which describe something or somebody. 

Let's consider the rules of conjugation of the verb to be in English and how to build interrogative and negative sentences with it:

I am

Am I?

I am not

You are

Are you?

You are not

He is

Is he?

He is not

She is

Is she?

She is not

It is

Is it?

It is not

We are

Are we?

We are not

They are

Are they?

They are not






Now let us return in more details to the question of where and why the verb to be is needed in English:

1. Description. It is necessary to use the verb to be when we want to describe the object or person in any way. It can be appearance, feelings, nationality, profession, name, age.

He is tall.

They are not old.

She is 35.

I am a teacher.

He is a businessman.

She is tired.

2. Geographical position. When we talk about where someone or something is, use the verb to be.

We are in Italy.

They are not in America.

It is north.

3.Time. When it comes to the time of day or night, as well as the time on the clock, the verb to be is also needed.

It is day/ afternoon.

What time is it?

Is it morning?

It is 15:50.

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