Future Continuous, Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous

In the last article about the structures used to describe the future, we looked at ways to talk about our plans, share future intentions, or make spontaneous decisions. Here we will consider three more forms of the future tense, what they mean, when they are used and how they differ from previous constructions.

Let’s start with the Future Continuous tense, which has the following form:

Will be + v-ing


We need it:

1. When it comes to actions that will be in progress at a certain time in the future:

This time next week we will be sitting on the beach enjoying summer sun.


2. For events that will definitely happen in the future as a result of routine actions or as a result of an agreement:

Don’t call him. I will be seeing him soon, so I can tell him what you think about it.


3. To politely find out about anyone's plans for the near future (more precisely, to clarify whether their plans coincide with what we would like to):

Will you be using the computer? I need to write an email.


The next tense we analyze is Future Perfect, which is formed like this:

Will have + V-ed / 3rd form


Future Perfect will come in handy when it comes to an action that will end by a certain time in the future:

We will have finished the presentation by Friday.


Most often this tense is used with the following expressions: before, by then, by, by the time, until / till. At the same time, until and till are used only in negative sentences:

They will have finished the meeting by 6 p.m.

She won’t have completed everything unit/till the morning.



And finally, Future Perfect Continuous, which has the following grammatical form:

Will have been v + ing


We need it to emphasize the duration of the action, which will occur until a certain time in the future. Future perfect continuous is used with the construction by ... for.

By the end of the month he will have been working here for 5 years.



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