Other ways to talk about the future

In previous articles, we studied grammatical tenses and constructions that help us talk about the future. Today, we will supplement our knowledge with several stable expressions that convey the meaning of future actions with different degrees of confidence and different time intervals.

So, let’s consider other ways to talk about the future:

Be to + infinitive (formal English)

Our boss is to visit a new factory next week.


Be about to + infinitive/be on the point of + V-ing (to refer to the near future):

We are about to leave, call me later.

They are on the point of closing the company.


Be due to +infinitive (for timetables):

The bus is due to arrive at 17:00.


Decide, plan, intend, arrange, mean + infinitive (for plans and intentions):

We plan to move next month.


Be sure to/be certain to/be bound to + infinitive (to express certainty about the future):

Your presentation is sure to be successful.


We also use the following constructions to talk about plans or intentions that we had in the past, but which were related to the future (that is called Future in the past):

Was going to/was to/was about to/was due to + infinitive:

She was going to leave the company, but the manager offered her a better salary.


Was on the point of + v-ing:

He was on the point of calling her but changed his mind.

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