Conditionnel présent

If my aunt had been a man, she’d have been my uncle - with this English proverb we begin our discussion of Conditionnel in French and, accordingly, its “pitfalls”.

Let me remind you that Conditionnel is a conditional mood, and to put it the easiest way, we use this “time” when we dream, fantasize and justify ourselves.

So, in English Conditional 2 we use the past tense and add the particle “would”. This can be seen in the example of the saying at the beginning of the article. In French, for the formation of Conditionnel présent, it is necessary to add endings in Imparfait to the base of the verb in Futur Simple. The formula looks like this:


V en Futur Simple + terminaison d’Imparfait




je voudrai = je voudr-ais

j’aimerai = j’aimer-ais

je devrai = je devr-ais

Exceptions and special forms of verbs are the same as with Futur Simple.


Conjugation Table of Verbs in Conditionnel présent

laisser — leave

munir — provide

avoir — have

être — be

aller — go

je laisserais — I would leave

je munirais — I would provide

j’aurais — I would have

je serais — I would be

j’irais — I would go

tu laisserais — 

tu munirais — 

tu aurais — 

tu serais —

tu irais — 

il / elle laisserait 

il / elle munirait — 

il / elle aurait — 

il / elle serait — 

il / elle irait — 

nous laisserions 

nous munirions — 

nous aurions — 

nous serions — 

nous irions — 

vous laisseriez — 

vous muniriez — 

vous auriez — 

vous seriez — 

vous iriez — 

ils / elles laisseraient — 

ils / elles muniraient — 

ils / elles auraient — 

ils / elles seraient — 

ils / elles iraient — 

In the examples below, you will see that Conditionnel présent expresses:

  • assumptions and wishes
  • requests, tips and tricks (along with modal verbs)
  • conditional sentences (if, if only ..)
  • surprise, indignation


  1. Je suis las. Je prendrais du café et me reposerais un peu. - I'm tired. I would drink coffee and get some rest.
  2. Vous devriez expliquer au personnel tous leurs droits et obligations. - You should explain to the staff all their rights and responsibilities.
  3. Si j'avais plus de temps libre, j'apprendrais le chinois. - If I had more free time, I would learn Chinese.
  4. Dis-moi son numéro de téléphone, s’il te plaît. - Comment le saurais-je? - Tell me his phone number, please. - How do I know it?


How sad are you already? Then let's talk about something fun! For example, would you have learned French in the past knowing what grammar jungle you would have to overcome? And in order to answer this question, we need a Conditionnel passé, which we will talk about in the next article.

Author: Ksenya Arman

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