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My name is Anastasiia Perekhodiuk. I live in Ostroh, but my native town is Novohrad-Volynskyi. I am an alumnus of Korostyshiv Pedagogical College, and I have a diploma in Teaching English as a second language for kids. I was focusing on primary education. Now, I am a senior student of the RGL department at Ostroh Academy. I am studying English and German languages. Nelson Mandela once said that education was the most powerful tool you could use to change the world. Those words led me to the idea of being a teacher of English. While teaching online, I understood that seeing your students' progress makes me feel even more determined to change the world. In my opinion, lessons should be fun and informative. During the class, I try to create a pleasant atmosphere to help my pupils to learn English. Besides, I pay attention to the students' needs. Besides teaching and studying, my passion is reading books. When I have spare time, I always try to read something interesting. I like spending time outdoors with my family. I am dead sure the family is a source of inspiration.

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