Why to learn foreign languages

Have you ever wondered why to study foreign languages at all? When answering such a question, people's opinions are divided.

Many believe that the knowledge of languages is absolutely not necessary, because not everyone works for international companies or travels to other countries where it is necessary to communicate being in the context of foreign cultures. Someone confidently says that foreign languages ​​are necessary, but fails to explain why. Classical works of literature, well-known films have already been translated into Russian and it turns out that there is no need to learn a second language.

Well, there are of course people who, with no hesitation, start to self-educate and expand their borders, taking advantage of all the benefits and opportunities that knowledge of foreign languages gives.


1. Free communication

Do not think that speaking a foreign language comes only to traveling abroad or studying. Thanks to rapid technological progress and globalization, we have new opportunities to acquire and apply our knowledge. We can find new friends or even business partners via the Internet.

In addition, learning a foreign languages allows you to get more information in a short time, which is especially important in modern time. Not all Internet pages or articles are translated into Russian. Knowledge and ability to use foreign languages opens the door to new worlds. And, of course, it is always interesting and useful to be aware of the events not only in your own country, but also in the world. The new language not only expands the knowledge, but also allows us to look at everything that surrounds us from the point of view of another culture.


2. Education and Career

Education is just the area where knowledge of a foreign language can determinative for a student. Especially when it comes to college entrance overseas. Moreover, there are many European and American universities that are looking for talented students and are willing to provide scholarships and grants. One of the conditions for such competitive programs is the knowledge of the language of the country where a student is going to study.

In terms of career growth, the situation is quite similar. Many prestigious companies cooperate with other countries and give preference to an employee who knows a foreign language or even several languages necessary for work.


3. Travel and entertainment

Naturally, when studying a foreign language, do not limit yourself only to work. Ability to communicate, express your thoughts and understand other people is irreplaceable when traveling. Even if your knowledge of a foreign language is limited, it will still help you feel more confident in a foreign country as you will be able to order food in a cafe or restaurant, get to the right place, book tickets, etc.

Besides, knowledge of a foreign language allows you to diversify your entertainments. What could be more interesting than a book or a film in the original! Personal thoughts of the author and characters or the real voices of actors instead of audio dubs. That is what the knowledge of a foreign language gives you.

If you still have a question about the need of self-development and learning foreign languages and cultures, just talk with those who have already started doing that. You will understand the benefits of these people, as well as the fact that everything depends on you.

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