Learning Rules

Learning any language by skype is an entertaining and creative process, which differs from the standard face-to-face classes or group ones. To make it easy for us and our students to cooperate, we offer you a few simple rules of our online center.


What do we offer our students?

  1. Teaching foreign language ​​at the highest level.
  2. Individual approach. We provide training materials in accordance with the level of knowledge and needs of students.
  3. Interesting and active lessons with the maximum immersion in the language environment (through a variety of activities - video, audio, printed materials, spoken language, game activity).
  4. Assistance in preparation to international examinations (IELTS / TOEFL, DELF, DELE) and ZNO / EGE.
  5. Convenient time (students can choose their own comfortable time).


Requirements for students

  1. Execution of the recommendations and tasks from the teacher, as well as systematic attendance of classes, otherwise our school is not responsible for the student’s progress.
  2. If it is necessary to cancel the lesson, the student must notify his/her teacher or the administration no later than 4 hours before the beginning of the lesson (preferably in writing).


Course Rules

  1. Before the lesson starts (or in advance is the student requests so), the teacher sends the all necessary teaching materials by e-mail or via Skype.
  2. The duration of the lesson can be 45, 60 or 90 minutes at the request of the student (for more details, see the cost section).
  3. 100% prepayment is obligatory. A student can pay for one lesson or several at a time (for more details, see the cost section).
  4. The student may reschedule the lesson for another day or time, notifying the teacher or the administration no later than 3 hours before the lesson begins.
  5. In case a lesson is missed without notification, it is considered held and paid for. (One missed activity is allowed without warning.) The teacher is waiting for the student in skype for 15 minutes.
  6. If the student is late for the lesson, the missed time is not compensated.
  7. The teacher can postpone the lesson for a good reason, having previously agreed with the student and informed the administration.
  8. If the teacher does not appear at the lesson for 15 minutes, the lesson is postponed to a different time, which is convenient for the student. The student must notify the administration if the teacher has not come for the class.
  9. We guarantee students the return of paid, but not conducted classes, if for any reason the student stops cooperating with us.
  10. If a person stops studying without warning and does not get in touch within 3 months, paid classes are charged off from the account and are not returned.

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