Public offer

By agreeing to this Public Offer, the Customer automatically accepts the Agreement for the processing of personal data.

Online language center "Lucky Lang" offers to make a contract for providing services of distance teaching under terms of the offer.

General terms

  1. Clients - individuals and legal entities.
  2. The subject - lessons of foreign languages ​​ (available languages) by Skype, individually or in groups.
  3. The contract is considered to be made for an indefinite period from the moment of acceptance of the offer - full payment of the service.
  4. The cost and format of classes are indicated in the section "Pricing".
  5. The contractor does not pay VAT, since a simplified taxation system is applied.
  6. Clients pay for classes by bank transfer or using the payment systems indicated on the website.
  7. The lesson is held after 100% prepayment. The client can pay for one lesson, as well as for several at a time.
  8. The Contractor reserves the right to amend the conditions of the offer and / or withdraw the offer at any time as they think proper. The client learns about the changes by e-mail, which he/she indicated when ordering or by posting information on the contractor 's website.
  9. The contractor and the client do not sign acts. Payment confirms the quality of services.

The Contractor undertakes:

  1. To provide services in full accordance with the contract and the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation
  2. Has a right to suspend the provision of services in case of violation of requirements provided for the customer by the contract, as well as in other cases established by the legislation of the Russian Federation
  3. Has a right to refuse unilaterally from the performance of the contract in cases provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and / or this offer.
  4. Carries out other rights and performs the duties provided by the contract, incl. Code of service and current legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Client undertakes:

  1. To follow the recommendations and to execute tasks of the teacher, as well as systematically attend classes, otherwise the contractor is not responsible for the progress of the student.
  2. If it is necessary to cancel the lesson, the client must notify his/her teacher or the administration no later than 3 hours before the lesson begins (preferably in writing). Otherwise, the lesson will be considered to be held and its cost will be debited from the client's account.
  3. If it is necessary to transfer the lesson to another day or time, the client must notify the teacher or the administration no later than 3 hours before the lesson begins. Otherwise, the lesson will be considered to be held and its cost will be debited from the client's account.
  4.  In case a lesson is missed without notification the teacher or the administrator, it is considered to be held and paid for. (One missed lesson per month is allowed). The teacher is waiting for the student in Skype for 15 minutes.
  5. If the client is late for the lesson, the time missed is not compensated.

Rules for conducting classes

  1. Before the beginning of the lesson (or, if the student wishes, in advance), the teacher sends the teaching materials electronically.
  2. The duration of the lesson may be 45, 60 or 90 minutes at the request of the client (for more details, see the cost section).
  3. The teacher can postpone the lesson for a good reason, having previously agreed with the client and notified the administration.
  4. If the teacher does not appear for the lesson in 15 minutes, the lesson is postponed to a different time, convenient for the client. The client must notify the administration if the teacher has not come for the lesson.
  5. The Contractor guarantees the client the return of paid, but not conducted classes, if for any reason the client stops cooperating with us.
  6. If the client stops studying without warning and does not get in touch within 3 months, paid classes are charged off from the account and are not returned.

Force majeure circumstances

  1. The parties shall not be held liable for partial or complete failure to perform obligations under the contract, caused by force majeure circumstances that have arisen after making the agreement. Such circumstances include: natural and industrial disasters; acts of terrorism; hostilities; civil unrest; acceptance by bodies of state power or bodies of local self-government of acts containing prohibitions or restrictions on the activities of the parties under the contract; other circumstances that cannot be foreseen or prevented in advance and make it impossible to fulfill the obligations of the parties under the contract.
  2. In the event of force majeure circumstances that impede the performance of obligations under the contract, the period for the parties to fulfill their obligations is postponed proportionally to the time of such circumstances, as well as the time required to eliminate the consequences, but not more than 60 (Sixty) calendar days. In case the circumstances of force majeure are in progress beyond the time noted, or when, upon their occurrence, it becomes evident to both parties that they will be in effect beyond this period, the agreement shall terminate.

Pre-trial settlement of disputes within 30 days is mandatory.


Full name: Individual entrepreneur Kravtsov Sergey Olegovich
Legal address: Ukraine, Nikolaev, Admiralskaya 28 street, ap. 61.
USR Self-Employed Individual / TIN 3298215318

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