How effective are Skype lessons?

In terms of effectiveness, lessons by Skype are just as well as ordinary individual lessons with a teacher. Moreover, lessons by Skype enable a person to choose their own time and place convenient for study.

Who can become your students?

Usually lessons by Skype are chosen by adults who have their own motivation to learn a foreign language. They can be business people, who need to cooperate with foreign partners and develop their business, as well as students, who need foreign languages to enter universities or participate in competitions. Often people ask if children can study by Skype. In our opinion, visiting classes with group or individual lessons are more suitable for children, because they are more interested in communicating with their peers. In addition, it is easier for a teacher to get child's attention during face-to-face live lessons. However, we take young students to our center of foreign languages, if you believe that this style of work is suitable for your child.

How are lessons held?

Before the lesson starts, a teacher sends a student all exercises and additional materials by Skype or by e-mail. At the lesson, a teacher tries as much as possible to dip the student into the language environment (it can be video or audio materials, some unadapted pieces of literature as well as different situations that must be practiced in the form of dialogues). If some words and their writing are unfamiliar for students, a teacher uses the chat function in Skype, where he/she writes all the necessary information.

How long does it take to learn conversational English?

There is no clear answer to this question, because it depends more on students and their abilities. The teacher in his/her turn does everything to ensure that lessons are extremely interesting and useful for the student.

What do you need to have for the classes?

All you need to have is a high-quality Internet connection, Skype, a microphone, headphones or speakers (headphones are preferable) and a webcam (a webcam is not essential, but it helps to establish a better contact between the teacher and the student. Teacher are required to have web- cameras for their lessons).

What should I do if we lose the connection during a lesson?

Even if you are confident in your Internet connection, it is impossible to guarantee no communication problems. In case if such technical problems occur at the beginning of a lesson, it is postponed to a different time. If the connection disappears during the lesson, we will complete unfinished tasks next time.

Where can I get textbooks and other materials for classes?

Absolutely all teaching materials are provided by our language center for free in electronic form. For your convenience, you can print them out or find the necessary textbooks yourself in paper form.

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