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Knowledge of one foreign language is not surprising any more today. It is not even enough for a modern successful person. A specialist who speaks several foreign languages increases his/her chances on the labor market not only in the native country, but also at the international level. Why do we actually offer learning French language?


Career and business

More than 200 million people speak French on five continents (68 countries). It takes the 9th place according to the number of people speaking it. France ranks fifth in the world in terms of trade and third place in terms of attractiveness for foreign investment, and therefore more and more successful and prestigious companies choose this country as an economic partner. That is why knowledge of the language gives you many opportunities both in France and abroad - in all French-speaking countries (Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and the African continent).


Incomparable cultural world

A person who studies French, has a great opportunity to get involved into the culture of another nation, getting acquainted with the original versions of French literature masterpieces, as well as movies and songs. In addition, French language opens you the world of fashion, theater, art, architecture, etc.


Travel without misunderstanding

Every year, about 70 million tourists visit France, even a minimal knowledge of the language makes any trip easier and more pleasant. Isn’t it the main purpose of a tourist - to understand how a foreign country lives?

We can list a lot of advantages of speaking French language. But what we offer is to plunge into this culture once and see yourself that French is worth every effort.

People who study French have an opportunity to pass an international exam that helps determine and confirm the level of language proficiency.

Европейская классификация уровней Знания и навыки человека на этом уровне Международная классификация уровней
А1 (DELF A1)Understanding and the ability to use in speech familiar phrases and expressions necessary to perform specific tasks.Débutant
А2 (DELF A2)Understanding of some phrases and common expressions related to the main spheres of life (for example, basic information about a person and family members, purchases, employment, etc.).Pré-Intermédiaire
В1 (DELF B1)Ability to communicate in most situations that may arise during visiting any French-speaking country; the ability to compose a coherent idea about some familiar and interesting topics.Intermédiaire
В2 (DELF B2)Ability to speak quickly enough and spontaneously to constantly communicate with native speakers without any difficulties; the ability to make clear, detailed messages on various topics and to express personal opinion.Intermédiaire-Supérieur
С1 (DALF C1)Understanding of huge complex texts on various subjects, the ability to see hidden meaning. Flexible and effective use of the language for communication in various fields of activity.Pré-Avancé
С2 (DALF C2)Understanding of any oral or written communication, the ability to create a text based on several sources. Spontaneous fluent speaking with a high degree of accuracy.Avancé-Supérieur

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