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Knowledge of foreign languages opens a new picture of the world, visible through the prism of different culture. The importance of English language has been long understood, however, many people do not want to stop at what they have achieved and are eager to expand their knowledge. It is Spanish language that often becomes the aim and object of study.

Spanish language is gaining popularity every year. Many people choose to learn Spanish and use their knowledge as a tool for doing business with Hispanic countries (there are 21 countries in the world, where Spanish is an official language), someone wants to study in the universities of Spain, someone is happy to travel and understand the language of another country.

As well as any other language, Spanish can be divided into levels of language proficiency. Many language courses, both here and abroad, determine the level of their students according to this scale.

Европейская классификация уровней Знания и навыки человека на этом уровне Международная классификация уровней
A1 The person knows simple grammatical constructions, can participate in a conversation on some familiar topic. Can understand whole sentences and constructs, providing that the speech is quite slow. Ассеso (the highest elementary)
A2 The knowledge of the grammar is quite good, but the vocabulary is limited. Plataforma (pre-intermediate)
B1 This is quite a good level, which allows free communication on everyday topics. Reading, writing, grammar and speaking are also at a sufficient level. However, mistakes are often met, and vocabulary is limited. Knowing the language at this level, the student can successfully pass the entrance examinations to universities. Umbral (intermediate)
B2 This level of language proficiency opens many opportunities for a person: entering European universities, searching for a job abroad. Avanzado (upper-intermediate)
C1 The last two levels have practically no difference, it is noticeable only to specialists and native speakers. Dominio operativo eficaz (advanced)
C2 The last two levels have practically no difference, it is noticeable only to specialists and native speakers. Maestría (profeciency)

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