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Knowledge of English language is undoubtedly important for a modern person. The reasons of starting to learn the language (no matter how it is done – by visiting lessons, on one’s own or by skype) may vary: it can be work, study, travelling or just to widen own horizons. The ability to understand others and express own ideas in English in fact gives people new opportunities and expands the sphere of communication and activities.

Those who want to improve their English skills, should remember how important it is to define their level correctly before starting the study. It will help to set reasonable goals, select appropriate training aids and estimate own capacities objectively.

There are several approaches to determining the level of English (and any other foreign language). The most famous and applicable one is the modern European classification (it was developed in 1991 at an international symposium in Switzerland with the aim of achieving mutual understanding and facilitating the cooperation of foreign language teachers.)

Европейская классификация уровней Знания и навыки человека на этом уровне Международная классификация уровней
A1A person understands and can use everyday expressions and common phrases. Can introduce oneself and others, understand and answer simple questions about familiar topics and things.Elementary
A2A person understands and uses common expressions can simply speak about personal information, family, shop, local geography, work.Pre-Intermediate
B1A person understands the meaning of messages related to regular situations. Can be understood in most daily situations while traveling in the language spread zone. Can make up a simple text on a familiar topic.Intermediate
B2A person understands an idea of complex texts, including those of the professional field. Communication with native speakers is quite natural without huge efforts.Upper-Intermediate
C1A person understands a variety of huge complex texts, recognizing implicit information. Speech is fluent, flexible and effective for public, scientific and professional purposes.Advanced
C2A person understands almost everything that he/she hears and reads. He/she speaks fluently and is able to express various shades of meanings, even in the most difficult cases.Proficiency

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