You have the right to remain silent

Imagine that, having arrived abroad, you suddenly witness a crime. Depending on the severity of the crime committed, what you see may shock you. However, before talking to the police, who may find it necessary to question you, you should try to pull yourself together, calm down and describe in detail in English everything you saw.

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to do this in English, let's look at the types of crimes and the names of the criminals who commit them.

  • murder (N); a murderer; to murder (V).

The murderer was wearing a black coat and often looked back. 

  • theft (N); a thief; to steal (V). 

Two thieves broke into the shop last night and stole some valuable things and all the cash.

  • robbery (N); a robber; to rob (V). 

The robber with a mask on his face demanded to give him all the jewelry.

  • burglary (N); a burglar; to burgle (V). 

A burglar was noticed when he was trying to break into the house.

  • shoplifting (N); a shoplifter; to shoplift (V).

A shoplifter was going to steal some oranges, but he was stopped by a guard.

  • mugging (N); a mugger; to mug (V).

A pedestrian was suddenly mugged by a stocky criminal near the sights.

  • pickpocketing (N); a pickpocket; to pick someone’s pocket (V). 

There are a lot of pickpockets in crowded buses and underground in the morning.

  • arson (N);

  • an arsonist;

  • to set something on fire (V). 

The police have arrested a person who is responsible for arson. 


  • smuggling (N);

  • a smuggler;

  • to smuggle (V). 

He managed to smuggle drugs across the border.


  • kidnapping (N);

  • a kidnapper;

  • to kidnap (V). 

The kidnapper rejected the offer to negotiate with police.


  • vandalism (N);

  • a vandal;

  • to break something (V).

A group of vandals defaced new bus stops.


  • riot (N);

  • a rioter;

  • to riot (V).

People were rioting against new restrictions in the country.


  • blackmail (N);

  • a blackmailer;

  • to blackmail (V). 

Blackmailers threaten to kill a captive if they don’t receive enough money.


  • bribery (N);

  • a briber;

  • to bribe (V). 

It was determined that the mayor had taken a bribe from the entrepreneur.


  • forgery (N);

  • a forger;

  • to forge (V).  

When tourists were crossing the border, a border guard specified that one passenger had forged his documents.


  • trespass (N);

  • a trespasser;

  • to trespass (V).

They were accused of trespass and wound up in prison.


We now know how to describe various crimes in English. But what happens after our testimony is accepted? Any crime is followed by punishment. After the person who committed a crime has been caught by the police, he/she becomes a suspect and, if proven guilty in court, he/she becomes accused. Or, if his guilt is not proven, he/she is granted innocent status.

Author: German Goryaynov

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