Express your opinion. How to say “I like”

There are so many things around us that awaken our bright and lively emotions but we just say what…”I like”? It’s not that like is a bad word and of course we are using and are going to use it when speaking. But it doesn’t show even a tiny bit of the whole spectrum of feelings. So, let’s broaden our vocabulary with a diverse range of synonyms of the word “like”.


I love

I love visiting new places.

I admire

I admire people who don’t give up after failures.

I enjoy

I enjoy walking along the beach.

I fancy

Do you fancy going  to the cinema?

I feel like

I feel like drinking some coffee. 

(It/smth) appeals to me

This idea appeals to me.

I find it interesting/catching/thrilling/breathtaking, etc. 

I find this view breathtaking!

I am keen on

He is really keen on chess.

I am interested in

I am interested in literature. I do read a lot.

I am fond of

She is fond of adventures.

I am crazy/mad about

I am crazy about horseback riding!

I am into

We are into winter kinds of sport.

I am a (smth) person

I am a dogs person.

I am a big fan of

I am a big fan of his movies. 

It’s my thing

I love early mornings. It’s my thing!

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