Express your opinion. How to say “I do not like”

It’s hard to say “I don’t like it”. We don’t want to seem rude or offend a person, because our opinion is important to them. So we have to look for suitable words while feeling this questioning look of our opponent. In English, there are many ways to express your negative attitude towards something. Let's look at some of the analogues in the phrase “I don’t like,” as well as examples of their use.


be sick of 

I am sick of being the only one responsible for everything! 

can’t stand 

I can’t stand washing dishes.

Don’t appreciate 

I don’t appreciate what you are doing now. 

Be not fond of 

I am not fond of skiing.

be not a (big) fan of 

I am not a big fan of loud parties.

be not keen on 

I am not keen on going there. 

be not into 

I am not really into this type of movies.

can’t bear

I can’t bear the heat!

be fed up with 

I am fed up with all these pointless meetings! Let’s just get to work.


I’ve had enough (of) 

I’ve had enough! I am leaving the company.

It’s not for me. 

I will not join you at the concert. It’s just not for me.

I am not crazy about. 

I am not crazy about jogging.

It’s not my thing. 

I’ve tried diving before, but I’m afraid it’s not my thing.

It’s not my cup of tea. 

Early mornings are not actually my cup tea.

I am more of a _____person. 

Films are good, but I am more of a books person

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