Next year I will definitely ...

What's the first thing that comes to your mind?

I have so many thoughts that when it comes to highlighting one main thing, they all mix into one lump and buzz annoyingly in my ear.

Should you make yourself New Year's resolutions or make lists of tasks / wishes? - Up to you!

I personally like it. Firstly, all this unclear buzz is put on paper and becomes a completely tangible plan. According to psychologists, what is written is much more likely to be realized. Well, I agree with their opinion :)

And secondly ... I bet English takes pride of place in the top five New Year's promises. If you write your New Year resolutions in English, you will already begin to move towards your goal!

Try to write a few resolutions for yourself. 

You may use some of these grammar constructions:

  • I would like to…  
  • I hope to…  
  • I want to…  
  • I’m going to…  
  • I will…  
  • I expect to…

Also a few collocations to use:

  • to kick a habit (of doing smth) - избавиться от привычки
  • to turn over a new leaf - начать все с чистого листа
  • to start from scratch - начать сначала
  • to take the plunge - решиться, сделать шаг
  • first things first - прежде всего
  • my thing - моё дело (что-то, что я чувствую своим; призвание)
  • make the time for - выкроить время на
  • go the distance (with) - довести до конца

Author: Ruslana Kravtsova

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