Learn English in a group or individually?

Are you starting to learn a foreign language? Having looked through the huge amount of materials that Internet resources offer you, you understand that in all this abundance of information you need a person who will help you find the best, fastest, simplest way to achieve your goal. And at this moment you have a choice - what type of lessons to give preference to. Learn English in a group or individually? Let's take a look at all the pros and cons.

English in the group.

The advantages of this option are:

  •  that you are engaged in a small group, where there are only 5-7 people who have also set the goal of getting to the very top of the iceberg called a foreign language. Together with other students in the group, you will be able to practice your speech, share learning experiences and, if you succeed, you may even feel like a teaching assistant, helping classmates understand what caused them difficulties.
  • The next important plus of studying English in a group is the opportunity to practice the language in dialogues in real time. Of course, you could do this with a teacher one-to-one, but this way is more interesting. You can interact with different people and listen to their opinions, hold debates and play group games.
  • In addition to being able to communicate with other members, you can also compare your progress with the progress of others. After all, when you are alone, you have no one to compare with. This will have a positive effect on you, since comparing yourself with others, if you are behind, you can thus find the motivation and strength to catch up with others. Or if comparing yourself with others, you see that everything is just the opposite, and you have taken a step forward, this will help you motivate yourself to be one step ahead. And of course, studying together is interesting, you can always joke, play games and even find new friends.

As for the disadvantages of group English lessons:

  •  first of all, it is that the teacher's attention is not focused specifically on you, but is extended to all members of the group. You will not be able to be in the spotlight all the time during the lesson. If you are discussing an issue, you will need to wait for your turn for the other group members to speak. 
  • The next disadvantage of this kind of activity is attachment to a specific schedule: you cannot reschedule the lesson to a time and day that suits you.

If you did not have time to understand some aspect, you can always check with the teacher about it, however, if you need more time to understand him, you will not have the opportunity to stay on this longer, as the whole group will move on. Also, and vice versa, if you understood everything quickly and immediately, and the rest of the participants did not, then the teacher will focus on the majority.

Individual English lessons.

The advantage of learning English individually is that:

  •  the course program is built specifically for you. During each lesson, the teacher pays attention to how well you have mastered a particular topic, and if he sees that you need more practice or repeat something again, then he will certainly give you additional assignments on this topic. The teacher always keeps his finger on the pulse of your study and language level, monitoring your progress.
  • Also, the teacher is keen on your interests and tries to select tasks that are interesting for you and topics for discussion.
  • You can adjust the schedule and speed of training as it is convenient for you, as well as express your wishes during the course.

Among the disadvantages of individual lessons, one can single out such as the fact that:

  •  you get used to communicating in a foreign language with only one person - your teacher. Despite the fact that you are listening to audio, watching a video, you do not have real communication in the target language in a group of people.
  • When you study one-to-one with a teacher, you have no way of comparing your progress with someone else, and sometimes it can be difficult for you to understand how well you are doing.

Thus, we see that there are pros and cons in both approaches to learning English. Therefore, the choice of approach is yours, but do not forget that no matter what method you choose: individual or group English lessons, you will need to make a considerable amount of effort to achieve your desired goal. When you clearly know what you want and you like what you do, you will definitely succeed.

Author: German Goryaynov

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