Harsh English and its STRONG ADJECTIVES

I am very tired. She is very beautiful. They are very angry.

Aren’t you VERY bored? Aren't you tired of using "very" every time?

Do you know about adjectives that can show the highest degree of characteristic without using very? These are strong adjectives - they are so "strong" in their meaning that they do not require any very next to them. In addition, their use will make your speech not just very good, but really excellent!

Today we will take a look at the TOP 15 strong adjectives of the English language.

  • very big - huge

Today I ate a very big burger at McDonald’s. – You are kidding! It was huge!

  • very small – tiny 

Your 2-week puppy is very small. – It is the shape of my hand, so it’s tiny!

  • very beautiful – gorgeous

Look at that girl, she looks very beautiful. – I’ll marry her one day, she’s gorgeous!

  • very ugly – hideous 

Her friend has a very ugly nose. – You didn’t see her ears, they’re hideous.

  • very angry – furious

Why are you so angry? – I’m always furious when I have to wait.

  • very cheerful - hilarious

Why is she very cheerful today? – She is hilarious as she got excellent marks on Math!

  • very good — great

Her makeup is very good today. – Look at her lipstick, it’s great!

  • very bad — awful

This restaurant is very bad. – They don’t even have extra chairs. It’s awful.

  • very hot — boiling

The water in the sea is very hot. – I can’t feel my toes; the water is boiling!

  • very cold — freezing

It’s very cold in our university in winter. – The students are wearing gloves, it’s freezing!

  • very tasty — delicious

Chinese food is very tasty. – I love the rice with meat the most – it’s delicious!

  • very nasty — dreadful

Difference between dreadful and hideous is in shade of meaning:
dreadful - causing a shudder with fear and horror;
hideous - causing not so much fear or horror, but disgust and hatred; repulsive, disgusting;

The sea storm is very nasty today. – Three people are lost in the sea, it’s dreadful!

  • very cheap – stingy

What did your mom give you for your Birthday? – This dress, it’s very cheap. Look, there’s a hole on it – this dress is stingy!

  • very expensive – costly

His furniture is very expensive. – He has a gold chair, it’s costly.

  • very important — essential

It’s essential to learn these TOP 15 strong adjectives!

In case you want to strengthen the strong adjectives a little more, you can add words like really, absolutely. For example:

He was absolutely furious!

I hope this article was really essential for you!

Author: Yana Kosur

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