Suit - Match - Fit - Go with. Chose the words wisely

Today our topic is the usage of the verbs suit, match, fit and go with. We are going to look at their meanings in various contexts. 


The most common meaning is to look good and balanced on a person (in style, color, etc.), if we talk about clothes.
I wear green a lot, I guess it suits me.

You can also use it to say that something is not appropriate for a person or a situation.
This climate doesn’t suit her, it is too hot.


It means to combine, harmonize, go together well. We use this word when we talk about whether colors, design or just separate objects are combined.
You should buy this shirt, it really matches the trousers.
Your task here is to match the countries and their capitals. 


First of all, it means to be suitable in size, shape.
The hat doesn’t fit me - it’s too big. 
This detail doesn’t fit here. It is round but the hole is square-shaped. 

You can also say about a person who fits into a company or team.
Her qualification is perfect, she will fit the job! 

In addition, we can fit something in place.
I will take the curtain and fit it myself. 

Go with

This expression is similar to match and means that some objects are combined with each other and look good together.
I think this scarf will go perfectly with my coat.

Also, the expression go with means to agree with someone or something, to accept an idea / proposal.
We will go with his plan. It is actually the best option now. 

And a few more expressions with similar meanings:

work for
Are you sure this color works for me?

work fine 
That works fine for me, let’s do it. 

be fine with 
Are you fine with the choice? 

do for 
This dress will do for the interview. 

be a good fit
Look at this skirt. It’s not a good fit, is it? 

go together 
The T-shirt doesn’t go together with this skirt.

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