"Edible" idioms in English

If you want to speak English like a real native speaker, you certainly need to pay attention to idioms. What are idioms? These are fixed expressions whose meanings cannot be understood by translating individual words. For example, the English idiom Smoke and mirrors can literally be translated into your language as smoke and mirrors, but actually means cheating, telling lies. Idioms are also present in any language, but they cannot be translated in the same way. For example, the Russian idiom водой не разольешь will be the equivalent of the English idiom to be hand and glove. It sounds a little strange, but still a logical connection can be traced.

Let's now take a look at some common English food idioms.

Don’t cry over spilled milk - tears will not help grief; what has fallen is gone.
Don’t cry over spilled milk, you can’t change her decision. 

To have a bun in the oven - to be pregnant.
She has been having a bun in the oven for 5 month already, she still expects a baby. 

Bad apple - a scoundrel.
Each city has a bad apple.

Big cheese - a very important person.
The big cheese buys only expensive cars. 

Carrot and stick - a method of praising and coming down on.
The company has a carrot and stick approach to make employees not to be late.

To be in the soup - to be in a difficult position.
My friend is in the soup, because he has spent all his money and he can’t pay for the flat.

To eat out of someone’s hands - dance to someone's tune.
The boss made the staff eat out of his hands, so they can change nothing.

Couch potato - a lazy person.
Don’t be a couch potato. Let’s go to the cinema with us.

To go bananas - go crazy.
He will go bananas if he knows that you have bought another suit.

Duck soup - a trivial matter.
This competition is a duck soup for such an experienced player like you.

To be not one’s cup of tea - smth one doesn't like.
Playing tennis is not my cup of tea.

To polish the apple - flatter; try to earn someone's favor.
It is not the best decision to polish the apple with a chief in order to get promotion.

To be nuts about - to be crazy about.
I am nuts about running in the morning.

To spill the beans - to blurt out; reveal the secret.
I hope she will not spill the beans about my plan to go abroad.

Pie in the sky - empty hopes.
Your plan is a pie in the sky. We both realize that this will never occur.

To use your noodle - wiggle your brains; think.
Use your noodle, if you want to win the prize.

To chew the fat - to chat.
We were sitting in the cafe and chewing the fat about our past

Author: German Goryaynov

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