Say / Tell - What is the difference

Verbs Say и Tell seem to us very tricky. Every time (after a long thinking process) having chosen one of them we find out that we’ve taken the wrong path. Well, not every time of course, but quite often. Their meaning we’ve already discussed.  So now let’s try to remember the collocations which include these verbs, in order not be fall the victims of their cunning. 


good morning/good night/good evening/hello/goodbye
He left and didn’t even say goodbye.

something/nothing/everything etc
Say something! I cannot read your mind.

Don’t say so! I am sure you are just upset.

a few words
I’d like to say a few words about our team.

a prayer
I’ve never said the prayer before.

thank you
Just say thank you, it was not so difficult for me.

It’s so important to say sorry when necessary.

Did she say yes or no?


a lie
How do you know they tell a lie?

a secret
Who told our secret?

the truth
Just tell the truth, they will not get angry.

a joke 
He tells hilarious jokes!

a story 
I want to tell a story before we start our discussion.

the time 
Who can tell the exact time?

the difference 
Do I need to tell the difference between the pictures?

one from another
They are twins, no one can tell one from another. 

one’s fortune 
Do you want me to tell your fortune?

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