The difference between Do and Make

The verbs Do and Make bring a lot of chaos and confusion to the process of learning English. Let's analyze the difference between them and finally understand in which case to use each of them.



Work, Jobs, Tasks:
do the housework, do a good job, do your homework

Food, drinks:
make a soup, make a lunch, make a cup of tea

Non-specific activities:
do something, do nothing, do everything

In passive form used to speak about Product material or Origin:

Made of wood, made in Italy, made by him, made from tomatoes

Replaces a verb when it is obvious:

Do the exam, do your nails, do the cleaning

Produce a reaction:
make smb happy, make smb smile, make smb’s eyes water


Plans and decisions:
make a plan, make an arrangement, make a decision, make a choice


Speaking and sounds:
make a noise, make a suggestion, make a speech


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