Making decisions in English

"What should I do? What if it doesn't work? I'll wait a little more ... It’s not my strong side ... ”- we often say these to ourselves before making a decision. Important, of course, like moving, or changing careers.

But we will not go deep into psychology and give advice on how to choose the right path. We will learn the English idioms that people use to express their doubts, worries, how they decide to take the first step, and finally proudly declare their victory.

  • take a rain check on smth - delay
    I want to take a rain check on the launching of our project. I am still not sure we’ve thought everything through.
  • hold back from - try not to
    If I were you I would hold back from going public. 
  • second guess - to doubt
    You will always second guess your skills, won’t you?
  • put smth off to the last minute - postpone
    Stop putting it off to the last minute! We’ve done everything right and can show our discovery to the public.  
  • cut someone some slack - to be kind to smb
    Cut yourself some slack! This is new to you, everyone would make many mistakes. 
  • hold on to smth - keep smth
    Will they always hold on to the fear of making the wrong choice? 
  • scratch the surface -learn smth just a little
    I’ve just scratched the surface on the subject. What can I tell them?
  • should the time come - when time is good
    I am sure everything will be fine should the time come. 
  • make the time for - find some time for smth
    Finally, I made the time for my studies! 
  • take the leap - to try
    Do you think I should take the leap? 
  • get smth off the ground - to start
    Look at you! You’ve got your report off the ground!
  • go the distance - to finish smth
    I am afraid they won’t go the distance and we’ll have to jump in. 
  • make it - got to your goal
    I’ve been going to this offer for a year and I made it! 

Author: Ruslana Kravtsova

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