Prepositions of place

Prepositions of place are words that help us say where anyone or anything is, describe the room, picture or explain where to find the right building on the street. Below there is a table of the main prepositions:

If there are no problems with the above-mentioned prepositions of place, the following three situations need to be explained.

The prepositions of place AT, ON, IN often cause difficulties.

1. The preposition AT is used when we are talking about a place not just as a building, but as a certain location, a public place or institution.

I work at a bank.

She waited at the bus stop.

2. The preposition IN is necessary when it comes to a closed space (literally In something).

These can be countries, cities, buildings, rooms, etc. Also, IN is used with the street name when we say the address:

She got a job in Oxford Street.

In the bathroom.

In a park.

In a shop.


3. The preposition ON is necessary when it comes to something that is located on the surface or touching the surface.

On the floor.

On the wall.

On the sofa.

Besides, the preposition ON is used when we are talking about transport (in which transport we are). Do not confuse with the expressions "to travel by something". For example:

I like travelling by plane. (i.e., what kind of transport I like to travel by)

I am on a plane now. (that is, where I am)

The exception is the word CAR. We say  “to be IN a car”.


Now try to fill the table with prepositions.



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