Say correctly about the character and personality

“The neighbors are listening to music loud again late at night! There is no word to describe them! ”
But wait, there is wink
Today we suggest expanding your vocabulary and learning how to talk about character and describe people's behavior.

Let's start with something positive:

Considerate - attentive, thinking of others feelings
thoughtful - caring, judicious
tactful - smb who doesn’t do anything to upset people
trustworthy - reliable
loyal - faithful, supportive
sincere - honest
unbiased - open-minded
strong-willed -  decisive, determined
driven - highly motivated
bright - capable, smart, brilliant
generous - one who likes to share what they have, kind
giving - generous
modest - decent
chilled - relaxed
laid-back - calm
assertive - self-confident, persistent
sensible - sane, reasonable
well-rounded - versatile

If positive description is far from reality:

nasty - unpleasant, angry
inconsiderate - inattentive to others, tactless
thoughtless -  imprudent, one who doesn’t care of the effect of their actions/words
tactless - smb who does things to upset people
untrustworthy - unreliable
disloyal - unreliable, treacherous
sneaky - secretive, cunning, treacherous
biased - one who makes unfair judgements
weak-willed - indecisive, weak character
irresolute - indecisive, doubting
apathetic - without motivation
idle - lazy
foolish - stupid, reckless
miserly - mean
arrogant - one who thinks he/she is better than others
vain - boastful, conceited
bossy - commanding, domineering
tense - stressful
uptight - alarmed, shackled
eccentric - weird, strange
clumsy - awkward, tactless
self-important - arrogant, with a big conceit
humble - not outstanding, inconspicuous

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