At the appliance shop - let’s make your life comfy

Nowadays, there are many objects and devices that make our life easier and more comfortable. It is difficult even to imagine your life without various appliances for cooking, cleaning and, of course, leisure. But what if you do not have a device, but you decided to buy it? You will need to explain everything you are looking for to the seller in English.

First of all, let's take a look at the names of the appliances in English that we can get from the hardware store.

  • a blender 
  • an oven
  • a dryer 
  • a juicer 
  • an extractor 
  • an electronic kitchen scale
  • a hotplate
  • a hand mixer 
  • a microwave oven
  • a kettle 
  • a deep fryer 
  • a coffee maker
  • an iron
  • a food steamer
  • a fridge
  • a juicer
  • a washing-machine
  • a dishwasher
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • a hairdryer

When telling the shop assistant what exactly you are looking for, use phrases like this:

  • I would like to buy …;
  • I am looking for …;
  • Could you help me to find …
  • Can you recommend a …?

Let's now take a look at examples of dialogues in English in a hardware store. 

Dialog 1

  • Hello! How can I help you?
  • Hello! I'm looking for a vacuum cleaner for the house.
  • So, now the hit of sales is “vacuum 50”. It is made of quality materials, equipped with various attachments and a high quality boiler.
  • Who is the country of origin?
  • Czech Republic. 12 months warranty.
  • Thanks for the information! I'll take another look, then I'll be back!
  • Okay! Thanks!

Dialog 2

  • Hello, I am looking for a good professional hairdryer, can you recommend anything to me?
  • The best thing on the market now are the N10 and R15 hair dryers. Come here, you can watch them.
  • Tell us about this model! I suppose it will suit us.
  • So ... this is the R15-7 model, a very high-quality hair dryer, it has an auto switching off in the absence of contact, ionization (as on all modern models), and grilles are ceramic.
  • Where was it made?
  • Country of origin is China. They are doing all the equipment there now.
  • So, what about this model?
  • “N37-2”, also made in China, the materials are not so high quality, but it is much cheaper, but the warranty is thirty six months.
  • I'll take this one, the last one. Tell me, can I check it?
  • Of course, look ... Here is the gear shift. Here is an ionizer.
  • Thanks. I'll take it.
  • Wait, I'll bring you a box and fill in a guarantee check. The cashier desk is straight ahead, then right. Thank you for your purchase!
  • Goodbye!

Dialog 3

  • Hello, I am interested in electric kettles. What can you offer me?
  • The highest quality kettles are of the German company "Bb", as they are made of stainless steel and equipped with an effective filter from scale, which is so necessary for our water.
  • Can I take a look at this one?
  • Sure. You can see that it is lightweight and easy to handle, as the handle does not slip.
  • Okay, I'll take it! Thank you!
  • Wait, I have to check it and give you the box and the thirty six months warranty check.
  • Well I'll wait.
  • So, here's your check and your kettle. Let’s plug the kettle in and check it. It is heating up. Come with me to the cashier desk.
  • Great. Thank you!
  • Have a nice day!

Author: German Goryaynov

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