Careful! Swearing!

When studying a foreign language, we all strive to reach the maximum level of its understanding and use, but at the same time we very often lose sight of such the topic of swearing. Many English learners bypass this topic, treating the study of swearing as a waste of time on anti-cultural aspects, bullying and language vandalism. However, if you think about it, swearing is a special part of a "live" spoken foreign language, and when communicating with native speakers, we are much more likely to encounter swearing than a difficult advanced word. Vocabulary of this kind is also found in many TV shows, films, songs and even fiction.

Scientists have long proven that using swear words helps us reduce stress levels and deal with stress; some believe that using swear words makes us more honest in the eyes of people. So let's learn how to use swear words in English.

Many people believe in the stereotype that English has no swear words other than shit and fuck. Will I surprise you if I say that English swearing is rich enough and can be both easy and quite rough and cruel.

Easy swearing includes words such as:

  • Goddamn, damn, bloody Hell! - Damn it! 
  • Take the piss. - to make fun of (in an offensive manner) 
  • Freaking. - Stupid
  • They’re all the same freaking face!

As for the more serious curses, you can hear the following:

  • Son of the bitch 
  • Bitch - easy virtue girl
  • Whore - easy virtue girl
  • Asshole
  • Bastard

Well, how can we not remember the word "fuck" and all its uses when we talk about English swearing? 

  • Fuck – get off
  • Fuck around – play the fool
  • Fucking idiot - stupid person
  • Fucking shit – oh, shit! 
  • Fuck up – screw something up
  • Fuck off – get off
  • Stupid fuck – stupid person

The word "fucking" can also be put right inside other words to make an emphasis.

  • Un-fucking-believable is just (bip) incredible
  • Un-fucking-acceptable - this is just (bip) not acceptable
  • Cinder-fucking-ella - you just (bip) Cinderella

In no way do we urge you to use swear words, we just introduce you to these "enemies of cultural speech" ☺

Author: Inga Shatalova

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