Is it possible to learn the language on your own? What difficulties stop you? Pros and cons of self-study

To be or not to be?

This question often arises before us the moment we start learning a foreign language. So, you finally made up your mind - you prepared notebooks, took out old school dictionaries, but you again have a choice: should you learn English on your own or turn to a teacher for help?

Self-study of the English language seems like an impossible task, but is it so? Of course, almost every one of us has tried to learn English without a teacher, but only a few have achieved their results. How come? Today we will take a look at the main positive and negative aspects of learning English on our own, and what difficulties can arise on our way.

To begin with, consider the PROS of self-study:

  1. The cost of such classes is much lower or tends to zero - you can find many textbooks and materials suitable for you on the Internet.
  2. The schedule and duration of classes depends only on you - there is no need to negotiate with a tutor or adjust working hours to the time of group classes. There is a free hour or a sudden day off - arrange an additional lesson!
  3. The place of study also does not matter! Whether you are in a traffic jam, cooking dinner or relaxing on the beach - Internet resources and a pair of headphones will not allow you to miss a single lesson!
  4. The choice of training method also depends on you - there is an opportunity to try different options and choose the one that suits you!

At the same time, this technique has significant CONS, namely:

  1. Lack of control from outside. You will not be able to clearly and correctly analyze your own mistakes and change the training program in order to take the time to correct them.
  2. Although the choice of methodology in the classroom depends on you, often you cannot know how much time should be spent on learning different principles and methods of language teaching.
  3. No "magic kick". In moments of exhaustion and unwillingness to continue training, you will not be able to turn to an expert for help or support.
  4. The subtleties of the English language. Self-study of the English language deprives you of the opportunity to ask a question and clarify an incomprehensible grammar or word, because you will have to delve into tons of information on your own to find the answer.
  5. Lack of speaking practice. (unless of course your pet is from Britain)

When asked whether it is possible to learn English on your own - our answer is definitely YES! You can listen to audio podcasts at breakfast, read English literature during your break, and watch your favorite original movie in the evening. BUT self-study of English is very hard work. To achieve results, you need to realize that this is the work that requires self-discipline from you, an investment of effort and time.

Author: Yana Kozyr

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