Let’s do gardening?

What's your hobby? How do you spend your free time? Today, thousands of leisure opportunities are open for us, and now we should think about how to use them with benefits - not only strengthening muscles, but also spirituality. What if I tell you about my hobby, which will help you live to be 100 years old?

Gardening is not only a pleasant, but also a useful activity that gives your body a load, and your brain - absolute relaxation, a feeling of peace and closeness with nature. Plus, who doesn't want to feast on fruit or admire flowers in their own garden?

Today we will look at English words that will help you introduce your new hobby.

To arrange your garden, you will need special tools:

  • Watering can – tool to water plants;
  • To water the plants – give plants some water;

My roses are dry, so I’ll fill the watering can to water the plants right now

  • Spade – tool for digging;
  • To dig a hole;

Let’s dig the hole for an apple tree! – OK, but I need to find my spade.

  • Fork – tool for digging;

Many gardeners use forks instead of spades to dig up the ground.

By the way, gardener – a person who does gardening.)

  • Pruners – tool for cutting branches;
  • To cut up the branches;

Today I cut up all old brunches from the apple tree. –Nice, can you borrow me your pruners then?

  • Shears – scissors for gardening;
  • Grow a seed;

My friend always cuts his bushes with these shears. – His seeds grow so fast!

  • Hose – tool for watering plants;

I didn’t found the garden hose so I filled the watering can.

  • Lawnmower – machine for cutting grass;
  • To mow the lawn – to cut the grass on the lawn;

We need a lawn mower to cut the grass.

  • Wheelbarrow – tool for moving things;

 She trundled the wheelbarrow down the garden.

  • Seed packet;
  • Pot plant;
  • To plant something;

I bought a new seed packet of roses today! – Let’s plant it in this pot plant! 

  • Gloves; 
  • Pull out the weeds;

Will you pull off the weeds today? – Yeah, I need my gloves for it.

  • Stepladder;    
  • Pick vegetables and fruit;

I asked my brother to pick up pears, but he is too short. – Bring him a stepladder!

A bit more about plants:

  • Soil/earth.

The soil is very dry here, I must water it three times a day.

  • Seeds;

These tomato seeds are much better than the previous ones.

  • Seedling;

The pumpkin seedlings are so big. – If you dig up the ground, they grow faster!

  • Sprouts;

Look! Now I can see the cucumber sprouts.

  • Greenhouse;

Some plants grow much faster in the greenhouses.

And finally, let's look at the meaning of the word garden. In the States and Canada, a garden is a place for growing plants, and just a green area is called a yard or lawn. In the British version, yard is used in both cases.

Author: Yana Kosur

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