Summer Activities

Summer is perceived by most people as a very special and unique time. Perhaps these are echoes of childhood, school holidays, when life literally changed its rhythm and was going by as if it was in a parallel universe.
There are many types of activities that we associate with the summer. Why don't we learn to speak English about them!

Backpacking - hiking or going on a “wild” trip
I haven’t done backpacking for years, but I still remember how exciting it was!

Cycling - riding a bicycle
We’ve rented two bikes and are going cycling tomorrow.

Boating - boat ride
Every summer we spend in the village a couple of weeks and go boating there. 

Camping - living in a campsite, multi-day hiking
When I was a child, I loved going camping. Well, not much have changed since then.

Diving - immersing into water
Since children mastered diving it has become their favorite type of entertainment.

Fishing is a good way to unwind and to change one’s environment.

Gardening - working in a garden
I had never understood gardening until I bought my own house. 

Hiking - long walking
We are going to go hiking at the weekend. Come with us!

Road trip - road adventure
Going on a long distance road trip is so romantic! There is only you in the world!

Sightseeing - visiting interesting places
Even if you’ve lived in your city for the whole life, there is always somewhere to go sightseeing.

Surfing - riding the wave
also used a combination of surfing the Internet - to explore the Internet
Are you going to go surfing with us or you prefer just surfing the Internet all day long? 

Sailing - travelling by a boat
Sailing is very popular in our area.

Sunbathing - Spending time in the sun
There are days when you just want to go sunbathing and nothing more. 

Swimming - spending time doing activities in water
You live near the sea! How can you not go swimming? 

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