When i speak english on the phone, i forget everything i know

In the last post, we gave you a list of useful phrases in English for a telephone conversation. But something tells me that just knowing the words is not enough. Yes, it's cool to have constructions in your head for all occasions: to call the boss if a client calls or, oh no!, you yourself need to call someone for the first time. So, you pick up the phone, dial a number or pick up the call and ... your head is empty :) Not a word from our list.

There can be many reasons for temporary amnesia, but most often it is your fear of speaking English. I bet there are no such problems in the native language.

Therefore, I offer you some ideas on how to improve your conversational skills in English. This is useful not only on the phone.


1. Slow down

It can be difficult to understand any speech on the phone without seeing the opponent. We ourselves do not make the task easier and often speak faster than usual because of our emotions. Add here the peculiarities of pronunciation and you can get a curious misunderstanding. If you slow down a little, pronounce the words more clearly, all the grammar and vocabulary, which was taken with great difficulty, will fall into place. No magic :)


2. Ask your opponent to slow down

In the entire list of telephone phrases, a large part is occupied by requests to repeat or speak more slowly. So there is no need to avoid them. Do not be afraid to clarify something with the interlocutor - no one will condemn you for this. And don't beat yourself up for it, hey! you speak a foreign language, this is already cool!


3. Practice

Surprisingly, nothing improves speaking skill like SPEAKING. Even 15 minutes a day will make a difference. Here, of course, it is important to find a like-minded person who is ready to train with you. An important note - if it is difficult for you to speak without seeing the interlocutor, then the practice should be as realistic as possible. These can be phone calls, instant messengers without video, or even voice messages. By mutual agreement, because not everyone likes this format of communication.


4. Listen to your speech

Teachers often give the task to record some answer to a question. And you don't need to hate us :) Try to record on your phone what you want to say to your interlocutor. And then listen to what you got. Such an exercise is useful in many ways - you get used to your voice in English, you can hear your pronunciation and where you sound incomprehensible. I'm not talking about the accent - there's nothing wrong with it, don't even worry. Here we are talking about the correct pronunciation of the word.


5. Come to our classes. In addition to standard ones, we offer:

  • 15-20 min classes. Ideal for practicing speaking skills
  • Opportunity to work in small groups
  • Opportunity to join other students in their lessons. That is, change interlocutors, hear different pronunciations and practice English in the most living conditions.

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