What does it mean to find “your teacher”?

In the 21st century, learning English has become as necessary as speaking competently in your native language. But if everything is simple and clear with the native language, then what should we do with the foreign one? Nowadays there are many sites and applications that offer to learn English in an interactive way, but nothing replaces real communication with a real teacher.

In the process of learning English, the choice of your teacher plays an important role. What does it mean?

First of all, you need a person who really has knowledge, otherwise they will not be able to teach you anything, no matter how hard they try. Secondly, no less important feature is the ability to transfer your knowledge to students. This skill is expressed in the fact that when the teacher explains this or that rule to you, you do not feel not knowing anything or incapable of learning, you immediately pick up what they want to give you and easily use the acquired knowledge in practice, since it is an accessible explanation in simple words and well-structured practice that will help you master a foreign language.

All this can be combined in one word - professionalism. But, in addition, the temperament of the teacher is of no small importance. You should, it is not easy to open up and start talking to a person who does not open up to you. Consequently, a great advantage is the teacher's charisma, openness and the ability to dispose people to communicate.

In the process of learning a foreign language, a teacher is not just a person who can explain incomprehensible rules and become your interlocutor, but this is a person who becomes your guide to the world of a foreign language.

Autor: German Goryaynov

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