How not to get lost in another country?

The reasons and purposes for people to travel may be various: someone is constantly looking for adventure, someone wants to explore new cultures, someone is going abroad for working purposes. But they are all united by one willingness, or rather unwillingness - to get lost. You should always be able to ask for directions, and also to explain the way to the person who needs it.

In this article we have collected the main words, expressions, and questions that can come in handy to find, so to speak, your own way.

Moving direction

Go straight on / go ahead

Turn right

Turn left

Take the (third) turn on the left 

Take the (second) turn on the right

Go past

Cross the street

Go as far as

Go across

Go through

Expressions of place:


In front of


Next to

On the corner of 

Asking for directions

Excuse me, how do I get to…?

Excuse me, is there a … near here?

Excuse me, where is the…?

Could you tell me where the … is?

Excuse me, can you tell me the way to…? 


Traffic lights


Zebra crossing


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