How to find and keep self-motivation in the process of language learning

Almost every person learning a foreign language sooner or later faces the problem of lack of motivation. Why is this happening? First of all, this is due to the fact that after a while a person begins to forget about his goal, about the opportunities that he will acquire if he learns a foreign language. The second, very strong factor, which makes you devote less time to a foreign language, is laziness. Laziness is the enemy of every person, which you must certainly fight with. However, in order to effectively fight laziness, do not forget about how your life will change from knowing a foreign language, you need to highlight the main advantages:

  • a foreign language, be it English, Spanish or French, will give you the opportunity to get a good and well-paid job abroad, because it is not enough to be a good specialist in your field. To work in another country, you need the ability to explain yourself and understand others, which is impossible without knowing the language. If you are just planning to start your career, the knowledge of a foreign language will open the way for you to universities in Europe and the USA;
  • knowing a foreign language will open the doors of all countries before you. Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower, ancient Rome and sunny Madrid, or seeing the sunset at Cape Roca? Imagine that all of this will soon become reality. You will no longer have to overpay tour operators and guides for organizing your trips, because you can travel on your own, since buying a ticket, booking a room and making new friends abroad is no longer a problem for you.
  • having learned a foreign language, you can immerse yourself in world culture: listen and understand foreign songs, watch films in the original language and read fiction. After all, no matter how good the translation is, only the original version can give you exactly the emotions that the author or director intended.

The process of learning a foreign language is not easy and takes a long period of time. It is hard enough to keep motivation and purposefulness throughout this time. The solution to this problem can be visualization - one of the most influential factors of human perception. Visualize your goal.

For example, if you dream of moving to live in another country, then put pictures of beautiful places in this country in the place where you spend a lot of time during the day. Seeing these photos in front of you every day, you will eventually say to yourself, "How long will I just look at these photos, I must do my best to be there as soon as possible." Do the same if you want to travel the world, and also watch programs about travel, they will stimulate you, since after watching them will also make you want to go there.

If your goal is to begin to understand films and songs in a foreign language, then as often as possible listen to songs of your favorite artists and watch the films you like in the language of origin. Naturally, without knowing the language, you will not be able to watch for a long time, since you do not understand anything, but this will stimulate you, give an impetus to the realization.

The next, no less important point is making your schedule. Try to schedule your day at least by hours. Your schedule should take 40 to 60 minutes each day to study English, but you can do more. You can also set a goal for yourself, such as learning 30 new words every day.

Finally, one more little tip. Throughout life, a person consciously or subtly compares himself in one way or another with those around him. In the process of learning a foreign language, you can use this trait for your own benefit. Ask your friends if any of them learn a foreign language the same way you do. If not, invite them to start. It will be easier and more interesting for you to do it together, and you will try to overtake your friends. You can even arrange a competition to reach a certain level faster, this will also be a motivating factor for you, because nobody likes to lose.

Author: German Goryaynov

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