It's snowing out there! Let’s go play

Winter is different - warm, cold, sooo cold. You can love it or not. Wait for the first snow or hope that it will all end as soon as possible. But you can’t deny that winter is a special time: cozy, chocolatey, cheerful!

What can you do in winter? Let's take a look at the types of winter activities in English:

  1. Go sledding
    For this we need, in fact, a sled and a slide (snowy hill). Based on my own experience, I can say that we may use everything that slides, even a plastic bag :)
  2. Build a snowman
    When the snow is wet and sticks together, it’s the perfect time to show your talents. In fact, you can sculpt anyone, even a snow octopus, but remember the irreplaceable elements of a classic snowman - sticks for the hands, a carrot for the nose, pebbles for the eyes. Beautiful!
  3. Have a snowball fight
    Don't forget to wear gloves or mittens, you won't last long without them.
  4. Shovel snow
    For those who live in a detached house or in a rural area, this is a harsh reality, but it can also be turned into a game. Have you ever built a snow maze? The main thing is not to slip on the ice.
  5. Make hot chocolate 
    The perfect end to an active winter day! Important attributes here are marshmallow, fuzzy slippers and ideally a fireplace. The latter is optional :)

Author: Ruslana Kravtsova

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