Flirting in Spanish?

Spanish language is very harmonious. It is one of the ten most beautiful languages in the world in terms of how it sounds. Although it is believed that French is created to express feelings and to confess one's love, Spanish is highly competitive with to it in the number of beautiful phrases and the opportunity to share one’s emotions.

It is absolutely not important, whether you have only started learning Spanish, or speak it fluently, it would never go amiss to expand your vocabulary with a couple of compliments.

Eres muy linda.  – You are beautiful.

Tienes una conrisa muy hermosa. – You have a beautiful smile.

Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo. – You have the most beautiful eyes in the world.

Eres divina(o). – You are gorgeous.

Eres la persona más maravillosa del mundo. – You are the most wonderful person in the world.

Me vuelves loco. – You drive me crazy.

Estoy loco(a) por ti. – I am crazy about you.

Eres mi princessa. – You are my princess.

Me encantes. – You fascinate me.

Tu sonrisa me hace inmensamente feliz. – Your smile makes me incredibly happy.

¿Quieres salir conmigo? – Will you date me?

¿Estás libre esta noche? – Are you busy tonight?

¿Cenamos juntos? – Let’s have a dinner.

¿Puedo llamarte? – Can I call you?

Te echo de menos. Me haces falta. Te extraño (mucho). – I miss you.

Te voy a echar de menos. – I will miss you.

Pienso en ti todo el tiempo. – I think about you all time.

Sólo puedo pensar a ti. – I can think only about you.

He estado pensando a ti. – I was thinking about you.

No puedo esperar a verte. – I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Me gustas (mucho). – I like you.

Te quiero con todo mi corazón. – I love you with all my heart.

Te adoro. – I adore you.

Bésame. – Kiss me.

Abrázame. – Hug me.

¿Te casarás conmigo? – Will you marry me?

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