Collocations with Do and Make in English

In one of the previous articles we have touched the topic about the difference between verbs Do and Make. Today we are going to learn possible collocations with these verbs.

Expressions with Do:

To do a course

To do a crossword

To do a dance

To do a drawing

To do a painting

To do a favour

To do a job

To do work

To do a project

To do sb a service

To do an assignment

To do anything

To do badly  

To do business

To do chores

To do damage

To do everything

To do exercises

To do good

To do nothing

To do research

To do right (the right thing)

To do something

To do the dishes

To do the gardening

To do the housework

To do the ironing

To do the laundry

To do the rest

To do the shopping

To do the washing

To do well

To do wrong (the wrong thing)

To do your best

To do your hair

To do your homework

To do your nails


Expressions with Make:

To make a bet

To make a break

To make a breakthrough

To make a cake

To make a call

To make a change

To make alterations in/to

To make a choice

To make a comment

To make a complaint

To make a confession

To make a connection

To make a cup of coffee / tea

To make a date with

To make a decision

To make a demand

To make a difference

To make a difference between

To make a discovery

To make a face

To make a fool of yourself

To make a fortune

To make a friend

To make a fuss about smth

To make a fuss of sb  

To make a joke

To make a line

To make a list

To make a living

To  make money

To make a loss

To make a mess

To make a noise

To make a pass at someone

To make a phone call

To make a plan

To make a point doing sth

To make a prediction

To make a profit

To make a promise

To make a reservation

To make a sandwich

To make a scene

To make a sound

To make a speech

To make a statement

To make a suggestion

To  make advances

To  make progress

To make an appointment for/at/with

To  make an announcement

To  make an attempt

To  make an effort

To  make an error\ a mistake

To  make an escape

To  make an exception

To  make an excuse for

To  make an impression

To  make an observation

To  make an offer

To  make amends

To  make arrangements

To  make breakfast

To  make sth certain

To  make sth clear

To  make dinner

To  make smb famous

To  make love

To  make lunch

To  make inquiries

To  make peace

To  make sth possible

To  make room

To  make sales

To  make sense

To  make someone rich

To  make someone smile

To  make sure

To  make trouble

To  make war against/on

To  make your bed

To  make your mind up

To  make your way

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