Phrasal verbs in English. Combining Look with prepositions

What’s the secret of learning English verbs? The answer seems obvious - learn as many words as possible, gradually increasing your vocabulary. But few people know that the REAL SECRET in learning English verbs is the knowledge and ability to use one verb with many prepositions, which greatly facilitates our task, because we only need to memorize 1 word!

Did you know that such a common word ‘to look’ can be used in different meanings! Let’s look into my New Year’s story)

The most famous collocation is to look at something eg:

I look at my beautiful wife every day and understand how much I love her!

On New Year's I always spend time in the village. There I have my favorite façade, which looks at the forest.

  • Look at the forest - a view of the terrace; What does your window look at?

In the evening, my whole family gets together. I wait for my aunt Alice- she’s from Kiev. I always look in on her when I am there.

  • To look in on somebody - to visit someone;

Aunt Alice and I usually look round the shops to find the best presents for the New Year. I can spend 20 hours looking round the new shopping mall!

  • Look round - exploring the area, shopping;

I like to meet people with children who are waiting to meet Santa at the shopping mall. In my childhood I didn’t come to Santa and was just looking on.

  • By the way, to look on - to observe from the side;

In the childhood I was so light-hearted, that my auntie always warned me: ‘Look out! There’re so many people here! ”

  • Look out! - Be careful! Look out! You should remember all the new words from this article)

What I really can’t stand about the New Year is the weather. Sometimes it's really unpleasant on the New Year, so the drivers need to look out for black ice.

  • To look out for something - to beware of something, to be careful in relation to something.

So, I love the New Year - it’s the best time to look back and remember all the good things that happened during this year.

  • To look back - to remember something; How often do you look back?

I have my favorite New Year tradition - I usually look ahead to the special plans and arrangements, that I wish to come true)

  • To look ahead - plan something ahead of time;

Do you usually plan ahead your New Year?

Look out for the next article, in which we will talk about the verb ‘to go’ and how many different meanings it can have!

Author: Yana Kozyr

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