Phrasal verbs and their role in English. Phrasal Verbs with Get

The verb GET has many meanings in the English language, often replacing other verbs with the same meaning, which brings a lot of trouble to many people. However, we will touch on this feature in another article. Now let's look at the most commonly used phrasal verbs, having Get as their part.


get across

make yourself understood, communicate your idea

get along (with)

= get on (with) - be friendly with

get at

  1. reach

  2. strike at

get away

avoid being caught

get away from


get away with

avoid punishment

get by

survive despite difficulties

get down to

start doing smth

get off

  1. come off

  2. start a journey

get off with

avoid punishment

get on

  1. get along 

  2. make progress

get on with

  1. get along

  2. continue after some pause

get over

  1. recover

  2. overcome

get round

  1. to fool smb

  2. to spread

get round to

find time to do smth

get through

  1. finish

  2. survive

  3. use smth up

get thought to

reach by phone

get to 

start smth


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