Phrasal verbs and their role in English. B-verbs

In the previous article we met with such phenomenon in the English language as phrasal verbs. And considered some of the most used of them. However, the list we created is far from complete and today we are going to continue going deeper into this important and interesting part of the English language.

Call back

Return a phone call

Call for

  1. Need, demand
  2. Ask for

Call off


Call out

Shout, yell

Carry off

Do successfully

Carry on


Carry out

  1. Fulfil (a task)
  2. Conduct (an experiment)

Come across / run across

Meet/find by chance

Come along

Appear, arrive

Come by


Come down with

Become ill

Come into


Come off


Come out

  1. Go on strike
  2. Begin to blossom (flowers)
  3. Be published
  4. Be revealed (news, truth)

Come over


Come round

  1. Visit
  2. Regain consciousness
  3. Change point of view

Come up

  1. Arise, occur

Come up against

Encounter (difficulties)

Come up with

Find, think of (an answer, a solution)

Cut down (on)


Cut into


Cut off



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