7 more reasons to learn German

Earlier we covered 3 reasons for learning German, we're glad you wanted to know the rest 7)

1. Berlin is a hot spot for entrepreneurs.

Would you like to create an application worth € 1,000,000,000? Are you an entrepreneur, digital nomad, or an aspiring professional striving for success in the startup industry? Being an economic center of Europe, Germany (especially Berlin) will give you the highest chances of success. Or maybe you already have a business that is thriving in your local market. If you want to expand, welcome to Germany =).

2. Experience a widely recognized culture around the world

Sausages, BMW, Oktoberfest - German culture is widely accepted all over the world - from food, events to world famous brands. It is a force to be reckoned with. By learning their language, you too will become a part of this power.

3. Enjoy German food in a different way.

The next time you go to a German restaurant, you can feel like a local, not a stranger. Many German restaurants try to keep as authentic as possible by hiring Germans. You can try to impress your friends or just feel at home by speaking German to them.

4. Germans are everywhere!

In the United States alone, over 60 million Americans are of German descent. Significant groups of the German-speaking population also live in France, Canada, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Romania,  Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

More importantly, since the average income in Germany is higher than in most other countries, many of them actively travel abroad. It is very likely that wherever you go, you will meet a German speaker.

5. Learning other languages

Here's a little-known fact: German, English, Dutch, and Afrikaans all belong to the same language family tree. That's why English speakers find German easy to learn and vice versa. While learning German, you can find similarities with other European languages, including Russian. By learning Deutch, you can learn other languages ​​faster.

6. Discover the new internet.

 Penultimate, but most important;). German is one of the most popular languages ​​on the Internet. More precisely, about 6% of the Internet, which is a lot). This is especially important if you plan to promote on the Internet. If you forget about German-speakers, it means you are neglecting millions of potential viewers! At one point .de (the country code top level domain for Germany) was second only to .com.

7. Every tenth book is written in German

If you are more into print, you will appreciate the opportunity to read German in the original. People who love literature want to read many world famous writers in the original.


And finally, the promised bonus. Not only books and free to be enjoyed in original language, but also German music (and I am now talking not only about Mozart). German rock, metal, pop, rap is the bomb. Discover many new talented performers of your favorite genre. For example, rock fans will love Oomph, here is a link to their song labyrinth

However, this list can be continued endlessly, because everyone has their own reason to learn this ancient and great (sometimes, perhaps a little bit brutal) language. I am driven by the words of Nelson Mandela “If you speak to a person in a language that he understands, you are speaking to his mind. If you speak to him in his native language, you speak to his heart. " Learn languages, turn to your heart, and we will be happy to help you with this.)

Author: Andrew Shapovalov

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