“Emotional” idioms

Let's not be limited to a two-word spectrum of emotions  - “sad” and “happy”. English is rich in idioms and collocations. So how can we ignore this?
We offer today to learn phrases that are indispensable when we want to express our reaction to events or phenomena around.

to be (absolutely) gutted - disappointed, grieving
I am absolutely gutted! They told me our efforts had been for nothing.

mean the world (to smb) - mean a lot
You mean the world to me! How could you even think differently?

to be blown away - be shocked, amazed
I was completely blown away to see my sister at the door!

get at smb - criticise 
Could you not keep getting at me in front of our friends?

to be thrilled to bits - be delighted
They both were thrilled to bits when they knew their test results.

make a fuss - to overreact 
Come on! Stop making such a fuss, you will be fine.

lose it - get nuts
When I got another call from the bank, I totally lost it! Where do they get my number?

Get out of here! - use is when you don’t believe smb
You are telling me you did it yourself? Get out of here!

I am dying to know! - to express a big desire to know
I am dying to know what you’ve heard! I won’t tell anyone!

Pull the other one! - show you don’t believe
You are running the company after only two weeks? Pull the other one!

It is nothing! - not a big deal
It was nothing! I sure you would do the same.

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