Express classes. For those who have no time at all

Time is an important resource in the modern world. And, as usual, it is not enough for everything that we want to be in time. How often do we promise ourselves to “start learning English with ... substitute the right time =)” or say something like “I will finish this project, task”, “I will come back from vacation, business trip” and DEFINITELY! I'll study English. However, each time there is not enough of the same - time.

If you ever found yourself in such a situation, our new format of studies is what you need.

We offer classes over a cup of coffee - daily communication in English for 15-20 minutes on topics that are interesting and important for you. This method has several advantages over the classic 60-minute classes:

1. 15-20 minutes a day is easy to find even for a very busy person. Do you want to take a break from work? Do you need to refresh your mind or take a break from tough questions? Why not do it with benefit!

2. A 20 min lesson is not tiring and does not overload the head.

3. At the same time, daily practice in the form of a friendly conversation is an ideal solution for both maintaining the level and improving it.

4. This format of lessons removes the psychological barrier to compulsory study. No homework, no tests and checkings.

The new format of classes is suitable both for individual practice and for communication in a group, which will give even more opportunities for live communication, and our teachers will help you correct mistakes in your speech and avoid further ones.


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