Homework, who needs it and why?

Lately, I often see ads - "English without homework". English schools make the absence of homework an advantage. Do you think this is right? Let's take a look at this.

Homework carries a lot of negative connotations. While there may be people who enjoy doing their homework, there are few of them. More often than not, students can be frustrated that they have to take work outside the classroom; however, this is not only done to satisfy the teacher's desire to torture students. Teachers want students to devote more time to the subject, since 2-3 hours a week is not enough to master almost any subject well, and especially a foreign language. According to scientists, in order to get a good result, it is necessary to devote at least 7 hours to learning a language during the week, ideally 60 minutes every day. Otherwise, the training may take several years and not bring the desired result (it is quite possible that you know such people =)).

Homework has many benefits, and if properly assigned, in terms of quantity and content, it can greatly improve the learning experience.

The first and most obvious benefit of homework is that it increases the amount of time the student spends on topics that were presented in class. While there are some students who are internally driven and are constantly looking for new ways to improve their language skills, most students need a boost from time to time, and doing homework helps maintain consistency in their learning outside of class. Of course, the time spent on learning a language is not a guarantee of progress, since other factors are equally important - student's effort, involvement and dedication, but taking the time is an important first step.

Another benefit is that the time spent studying the material outside of the classroom helps students figure out what they need to focus their attention on. Students may be shy or not fully understanding concepts during class. Assigning homework tasks allows students to explore topics and write questions themselves before the next lesson.

To summarize, if the homework was assigned appropriately, and done diligently, this will bring you closer to the long-awaited result. Do your homework or not? The choice is yours. Just like you choose whether you can speak English fluently and understand native speakers or not. So, what about you? Do you do your homework? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading! Have a nice homeworking!)

Author: Andrew Shapovalov

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