Doctor, I am not OK ... Or how to get cured

Who likes to get ill? Well, the answer is obvious ... All these symptoms: cough, runny nose, high temperature - nothing of these can bring bright colors to our life. What could be worse? For example, illness during a tourist trip abroad. If you feel really bad you will need an appointment with a doctor. What should you do then? How to describe how you feel and how to understand the doctor's advice?  But the answer is not so difficult. All you need to do is learn the necessary vocabulary. Let's do this using the example of a dialogue between a patient and a doctor in a polyclinic.

  • Patient: Good afternoon, doctor. May I come in?
  • Doctor: Good afternoon to you too! Yes, of course. Please, sit down! Tell me what is bothering you?
  • Patient: Okay, for several days I have had a sore throat, it hurts me a lot when I speak and it even hurts to eat. It seems to me that it is a small cold.
  • Doctor: Do you have a fever?
  • Patient: I would say yes. This night the temperature was 37.9 and it was difficult for me to sleep, but there is no such temperature now.
  • Doctor: Let's have a look at your throat. Open your mouth! Oh yes, you are really having a sore throat and the tonsils are a little sore. Do you have a cough?
  • Patient: Yes, and every time when I cough, my throat hurts me even more.
  • Doctor: I see. I suppose you have an initial form of angina.
  • Patient: What should I do?
  • Doctor: First of all you need to have a rest and be calm. Stay at home for a few days. I will prescribe you medicines. Take these antibiotics for a week, one pill in the morning, another in the evening after having meals. 
  • Patient: Okay, thank you. I will follow these recommendations. 
  • Doctor: If your tonsils hurt, eat only soft foods. You will feel better in two or three days.
  • Patient: Thank you very much, doctor.
  • Doctor: You are welcome. Come to me if the situation doesn’t improve. Goodbye!
  • Patient: Okay, goodbye!

Author: German Goryaynov

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