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In the modern world, one of the most interesting topics of conversation is undoubtedly the discussion of your favorite TV series and films. It's time to learn new words on the topic of Film review, to feel like a real critic and, of course, to show off your knowledge in front of your friends!

We will look at the basic vocabulary using the example of the Film review of the world-famous Pianist movie.

  • Film review

At the beginning, you should indicate the basic information about the film:

The biographical drama film “Pianist” directed by Roman Polanski is a heartfelt story of war times based on the memoir of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a young Jewish musician.

Let's consider the main genres of films:

  • comedy
  • melodrama
  • detective
  • action
  • thriller 

What is the basis for the film?

  • based on book
  • based on real events - based

Film producer:

  • The film is directed by ...

Next, we talk in more detail about the plot of the film:

The plot is really exciting. The action of the film is set in 1939 Warsaw, where a young pianist lives with his family. The film starts with the scene where the Jewish people are restricted to freely move around the city. The most unexpected plot twist occurs as a great Szpilman's friend saves his life.

  • the plot
  • The action of the film is set in...
  • The film starts with the scene...
  • plot twist

You can describe the plot of the film with such adjectives as:

  • exciting
  • unexpected

If you are not happy with the plot:

  • cheesy - poor
  • ridiculous 

Then you can mark those moments that you liked in the film:

The first thing that amazes while watching the film is its truly reproduced background of a destroyed city. The horrible Warsaw views that Szpilman watches from his window aren’t a green-screen effect - all scenes were filmed a real Warsaw. The realistic special effects as well as the camera operations evoke a certain atmosphere in a film.

  • Background
  • Truly reproduced
  • Green-screen effect
  • Scene
  • special effects
  • camera operations
  • realistic

Of course, the level of the acting is worth mentioning:

Undoubtedly, there’s a brilliant acting of Adrien Brody as the main protagonist Wladyslaw Szpilman that makes the film unforgettable.

  • brilliant acting
  • main protagonist

At the end of the story, share your general impression of the film:

To my mind, this is a breathtaking story of escape with an impressive ending. “Pianist” literally brought tears to my eyes, so I highly recommend this emotionally strong film.

  • Breathtaking - exciting
  • Impressive
  • Bring tears to one’s eyes - make someone cry

Author: Yana Kosur

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